Management Team

Jeff Roeth
Founder, President
Jessie Roeth
CFO, Business Manager
Jeremiah Roeth
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Jessie holds a MBA from the Univ. of Findlay, and has been co-owner of Buckeye Ag Testing since 2007. Her past experience as a collegiate athlete and coach brings competitive drive and strategic organization to the business. Jessie has been a primary site coordinator responsible for regulated trials since 2010.  Jessie has a key role in managing financials, data collection, and field activities.

Jeremiah holds a PhD in molecular biology, and transitioned to Buckeye Ag in June of 2014.  With a background in the biotech industry, he has managed a high throughput DNA synthesis and screening lab focused on synthetic biology.  Jeremiah brings experience in automation, assay development, custom software development, and operations management.

Jeff has over 30 years growing research trials.  His extensive knowledge of agronomy, fertility, genetics, and crop protection, and his commitment to customer service and quality have propelled Buckeye Ag Testing into a leading research provider in the eastern corn belt.  Jeff focused on a career in corn breeding for over 22 years prior to founding the company in 2004.


  Full Time Staff

Sami Konkle-Funderburgh
Senior Research Agronomist
Trevor Coomes
Manager of Field Operations
AJ Durst
Senior Field Technician
Layne Markley
Research Associate II
Sam Richer
Research Associate I
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2019 Summer Interns

Chris Baird
The Ohio State University
Rachel Cochran
University of Kentucky
Abby Hissong
Wilmington College
Cody Kiefer
Wilmington College
Peyton Phillips
The Ohio State University
Kayla Seman
Edison State
Brad Slyder
The Ohio State University
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2019 Interns

(Left to Right) Cody Kiefer, Brad Slyder, Chris Baird, Peyton Phillips, Rachel Cochran, Kayla Seman, Abby HIssong


  Part Time / Support Staff

Harold Furrow
Debby Roeth
Richard Roeth
Pat Roeth
Emma Niswonger
Justin Roeth
Bob Brower
Donna Deeters
Phyllis Wiford
Tom Dickinson
Trelissa Lavy
Henry Roeth
Jacob Roeth
Adam Bensman
Chloe Gump
Lauren Wright
Noah King
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Staff Archive

2018 Interns

(Left to right) Tristan White, Drew Schauer, Sean Drew, Treanna Lavy, Eliza Hershberger, Megan Bergman

2017 Interns

(Left to right) Brady Anderson, David Keck, Layne Markley, Hudson Rich

(Front) Kyle Webb

(Left to right) Lexie Renner, Heather Mescher, Nicole Hopping

(Front) Trelissa Lavy

2016 Interns

(Left to right) Garrett Carpenter, Nick Hissong, Layne Markley, Brady Anderson, Emily Elfers, Heather Mescher, Trelissa Lavy

2015 Interns

(Left to right) Trista Lavy, Morgan Stacy, Austin Butler, John Kraft, Amanda Black

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2012 Buckeye Ag Testing

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