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Efficacy Trials

The information below describes some of our past efficacy trial work. Please contact us with any questions about our ability to complete your trial request. 

Custom-Built Research Planters

In Furrow


Fertilizers, Fungicides, Insecticides, & More

  • Auto-steer planting and alleys

  • John Deere Precision Planting units

  • Single-pass planting system

  • Accurate delivery

  • Thorough cleanout

  • Tailored for research plot planting


Dry Fertility Products

  • Multiple application dates possible
  • Experience with dry and liquid coatings for dry fertilizer products 

Custom-Built Fertilizer Applicator

Sidedress applications

Pre-plant applications 



  • Auto-steer 

  • Accurate delivery

  • Through cleanout

  • Tailored for research plot planting


Foliar Applications

​Fertility Products

Fungicide Products*

Herbicide Products*

Insecticide Products*

Crop Tolerance/ Response

  • Standard 4-row X 40' Plots (Tilled alley between reps)

  • Target one or more growth stage 

*Please contact us to learn about our weed, foliar/ stem disease, and insect/nematode pressure

Seed Treatment Trials

Ability to treat seed in-house 

Variety of seed treatment trial capabilities, including germination enhancement, pathogen/ insect protection, and more

  • Inoculation studies with soil-borne pathogens

  • (Co-planting of infested sterile millet seed, followed by irrigation)​

  • Corn 

    • Fusarium spp. 

    • Pythium spp. 

    • Rhizoctonia solani 

  • Soybeans   

    • Fusarium virguliforme (SDS) 

    • Rhizoctonia solani 

    • Fusarium spp. 

    • Pythium spp. 

Biostilulant picture.jpg


  • Ability to complete biostimulant trials
  • Experience with multiple application methods and specialized sampling procedures
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